Buying and wearing jewelry that resonates with what you need in life can be really helpful in supporting the direction you take and how you feel about yourself.  “Healing” is a good way to describe the beneficial effect that wearing jewelry made from specific stones can have in your daily life.

Doesn’t buying new jewelry make you feel great?

See what you gravitate toward…

When I began integrating semi-precious and precious minerals and stones into my jewelry, I was surprised to find how healing it was for me as I worked.
I would look up the metaphysical /healing meanings of the stones and shells that I used while I was working on a piece of jewelry, and was excited to see how in tune the elements were with what I needed in life at the time that I chose the components that went into the jewelry.
Then I started noticing the jewelry that people gravitated toward, and looked up the metaphysical meanings of those minerals, stones, and shells.  Lately for me it is all about grounding, and going with the flow…

Which color, stone, or idea attracts you…?

It is pretty amazing how people always gravitate towards the the gemstones and minerals that support the things they need in their lives at the time that they choose them.
It is also pretty amazing how much better you can feel by wearing jewelry that supports your spiritual and emotional needs.  The knotting of macrame helps accentuate all of the stone qualities.

Trust your intuition…

The best part is, you don’t even have to do anything or believe anything for it to work.  Just buy jewelry you love and that makes you feel good.  Then wear it!
That’s all you have to do.
Every time you wear it, you’ll feel great,
and the compliments you receive always enhance those good feelings…